Let Me Introduce Myself

Four years ago, I traveled half way around the world to visit the Great Wall of China. This was something that I had been looking forward to for a good portion of my life. As I sat on the steps overlooking the miles of stone that dotted the mountains, I dashed through a variety of emotions. Firstly I was amazed by the beauty of the wall rising and falling over each mountain peak as far as the eye could see. Secondly I was overwhelmed with the joy of finally setting foot on such a fascinating piece of history. But suddenly, and very unexpectedly, I felt a deep sense of sadness. For years I had dreamed of this moment and it had finally arrived. However, it suddenly meant almost nothing because I had no one to share it with. All I have to show from my trip to The Great Wall of China is a picture of me that I took by myself.
I found myself in a similar situation earlier this week. When I became a stay-at-home mom a little over four months ago, I found myself needing something to fill the void of all the mental stimulation I would now be missing. I started watching TV, but quickly learned that mind numbing sit-coms were not going to do the job appropriately. So, we signed up for Netflix. In the past weeks I have experienced incredible moments of awakening. I have seen the world through a hundred different perspectives through a variety of documentaries, cultural films, and period pieces. I realized that once again, I was experiencing something great, but had no way of sharing it.
This is the reason I have decided to create this blog. I’m hoping that writing about the things I learn through the different media that I encounter, will help me feel that it’s not all going to waste. Feel free to read and comment on anything you want to in this blog. Also feel free to suggest anything to me that you have found similarly inspiring or eye opening.

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