Rein of Fire

Five things that would have made this movie awesome.
1)A better plot. Or perhaps that is asking too much. If they had just followed through with the one they started with, it may have worked out ok. It's like there were a bunch of bored guys sitting in a room. One says 'dragons are cool'. The other says 'guns are cool'. The third one says 'Perfect! Let's make a movie!' Guy four says (this is the smart one) 'Wait..what do dragons and guns have to do with eachother?" The other three respond "Who cares. No one will even notice it doesn't make sense cause we'll have fire."

2)An actor that isn't a 'pretty boy' as the tough guy. (Matthew Mcconaughey as Van Zan)The reason why Matthew Mcconaughey is in movies is because he is witty and attractive. So whose brilliant idea was it to give him a serious role and make him ugly? Not the best move in my opinion.

3)A new script. I didn't understand what half the dialogue meant. I always felt like I was missing something big. I watched this movie five times trying to figure out what it was. I finally came to the conclusion it was a device to read people's minds- cause there was no hope with from the script alone.

4)Better shots. It seemed like they put their camera in one place and talked about what was going on around them instead of showing it. Maybe if they hadn't spent all their money hiring Mcconaughey they would have had some money to actually shoot a few more shots instead of having to talk about it in their pathetic script.

5)A better directer. I'm pretty sure this would have taken care of the first four. I watched the special features. This man honestly believes he has shot a horror film. I feel bad for him honestly. He talked about how he used to direct for X-Files and he made a point to not direct the episodes that had to do with 'monsters' because he didn't feel he was very good at it. He said he never would have thought years down the road he would be shooting his own monster movie. He should have listened to his instincts.

Ok. I am being a little cynical. I do have to admit that while I did come to the conclusion it was basically not worth my time to watch- I did watch it five or six times before I fully came to that conclusion. Also, I thought that Christian Bale and Gerard Butler did amazing things with the little they were given.

And that is my two cents on that.

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Aaron Ludwig said...

You're hilarious! ha ha. I can't wait for you to read this comment.

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